YSCSP10000 Ultra Clean Filling Capping Machine
YSCSP10000 ultra clean filling capping machine is designed for plastic bottle filling and capping with high hygienic standard. It is consisted of bottle feeding, bottle picking and transportation, vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization and aseptic air drying, filling and capping, output systems and transport.
Applicable Filling material:Liquid: Yogurt, milk, drink, fruit juice and so on.
Applicable packaging material: HDPE/PP/PS/PET bottle
Main Technical Data:
Production capacity: 12000 bottles/h
Power supply: 22.5Kw
Filling heads: 12
Air pressure:≥0.6MPa
Filling volume: 100~700ml
Machine weight: 6.2tons
According to different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.
Main Configuration:
Servo motor: Germany Siemens
Sensor: Germany P+F
PLC: Germany Siemens
Inverter: France Schneider
Temperature: Japan Omron

Equipment Structure:
Driving system:
1. Online vaporized H 2 O 2 concentration monitoring and makes sure the sterilization.
2.Vaporized H2O2 sterilization, filling and capping are finished in clean seamless chamber.
3.Online aseptic air drying monitoring.
4.Hundred grade flow hoop device makes sure the air in the machine clean.
5.Simplified bottle neck positioning technology by mold plate opening and closing, which is applicable for filling various bottles with same bottle neck but different in volume and shape. Thus, the machine is in a quality of high capability, quick changeover time and high production efficiency.
6.Servo driven magnetic cap screwing technology with simple structure, high stability, long service life and securing the cap screwing.
7. Machine is made of stainless steel, which can meet food grade requirements.
8.Drip proof design for filling heads.
9.High efficiency and energy saving.
Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.



Working Process:
1.Bottle feeding with screw rod
2.Bottles are picked by robot arm and then transported to the bottom
3.The bottles are place upside down and then sterilized by vaporized hydrogen peroxide
4. Dry the bottle
5.Turn the bottle back and fill the bottle with the liquid two times
7. Picked out the filled bottles
8.Output the finished products

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