B76 Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

This PLC-controlled semi automatic glue labeling machine is designed with French technology and its main parts and components are of Taiwan brand or imported from foreign countries, featuring reasonable design, harmonious movement and high reliability. It can stick single sheet or double sheet of non-setting adhesive label of different sizes conveniently onto various specifications of round bottles.

If you have unique labeling equipment requirements, we can customize our packaging machinery to accommodate your product(s) and even work with your existing packaging line. Once our lab evaluates your product(s), our experienced staff will discuss the wide range of packaging equipment options available. Then we will consult with you to determine what packaging machinery best suits your needs and budget.

B76 Semi-automatic Labeling Machine
Model B76
Power supply 1PAC220/110V 50HZ 200W
Applicable container label for round container on side surface
Applicable container range diameter ¢45- ¢110mm, height 40-350mm
Applicable material adhesive sticker
Applicable label range L15-350mmxH15-130mm
Space between labels ≥3 mm
Label scroll Inner dia ¢40-76mm,0uter dia< ¢235mm
Labeling speed 0-50pcs/min
Height of the container location 530mm
Machine dimension L530m mxW600mmxH450mm
Machine weight 36kg
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